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Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Download
07/06/20Adam BrowneThe book of RuthDownload
31/05/20Ron BaileyO love that will not let me off!Download
24/05/20Mike PartingThe salvation of your soulDownload
17/05/20Steve HemmingResurrection and judgement (powerpoint)Download
17/05/20Steve HemmingResurrection and judgementDownload
10/05/20Paul MoorcroftReceiving with faithDownload
03/05/20Dave MedlockThe fullness of GodDownload
26/04/20Mike PartingPeaceDownload
12/04/20Dan TowersJesus in the boatDownload
05/04/20Ron BaileyWhere does your confidence lie?Download
15/03/20Dave MedlockWhat can separate us from the love of GodDownload
08/03/20Andrew CarterTrusting God where nothing seems to make any senseDownload
08/03/20Andrew CarterJesus and CoronavirusDownload
01/03/20Dave MedlockLiving stonesDownload
01/03/20Gordon HigginsSunday morningDownload
23/02/20Paul MoorcroftPriesthoodDownload
16/02/20Steve HemmingDrawing, calling and the secular mindsetDownload
16/02/20Sam PembertonYouth weekendDownload
15/02/20John MoffatYouth weekendDownload
09/02/20Mike CrossSunday morningDownload
26/01/20Mike PartingParable of the sowerDownload
19/01/20Matthew SteedIf our heart condemns us, God is greaterDownload
12/01/20Steve HemmingHis church (powerpoint)Download
12/01/20Steve HemmingHis churchDownload
05/01/20Andrew GreenerRedemption (longer version)Download
05/01/20Matthew SteedPast, present, futureDownload


Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Download
29/12/19Pete CowlingServanthoodDownload
22/12/19Andrew GreenerRedemptionDownload
22/12/19Matthew SteedThe person of Jesus ChristDownload
15/12/19Dave MedlockThe inward witness of the SpiritDownload
08/12/19Gordon HigginsBirth and growthDownload
01/12/19Derek PembertonThe resurrection and the lifeDownload
24/11/19Les WheeldonBaptism into the death of JesusDownload
17/11/19Dai PattersonGod's grace - part 3Download
17/11/19Dai PattersonGod's grace - part 2Download
16/11/19Dai PattersonGod's grace - part 1Download
10/11/19Matthew SteedNew creation (powerpoint)Download
10/11/19Matthew SteedNew creationDownload
03/11/19Mike PartingThe otherness of GodDownload
03/11/19Dave MedlockSunday morningDownload
27/10/19Ron BaileySunday eveningDownload
27/10/19Ron BaileyForgiveness - the foundationDownload
20/10/19Keith GreenerThe parable of the sowerDownload
29/09/19Matthew SteedFaithDownload
22/09/19Dave MedlockNo cross, no powerDownload
22/09/19VariousTo be a pilgrimDownload
15/09/19Jerry ClarkeNew birthDownload
08/09/19Steve HemmingMy Cross (powerpoint)Download
08/09/19Steve HemmingMy CrossDownload
04/08/19Rupert ScottThe fountains of the deepDownload
28/07/19Derek PembertonThe nature of God and manDownload
14/07/19Les WheeldonLuke 24Download
14/07/19Les WheeldonCain and AbelDownload
23/06/19VariousSunday morningDownload
16/06/19Pete CowlingPerseveranceDownload
26/05/19VariousSunday morningDownload
19/05/19Matthew SteedCity of refugeDownload
12/05/19Derek PembertonGod has spokenDownload
05/05/19Andrew CarterHopeDownload
05/05/19Andrew CarterJesus - who does he think he is?Download
04/05/19Andrew CarterDeconstructing unbelief: The absurdity of life without GodDownload
04/05/19Andrew CarterMission in post-Christian BritainDownload
28/04/19Jerry ClarkePsalm 34Download
21/04/19Dan TowersBehold, your king is comingDownload
14/04/19Dave MedlockThe blood of the covenantDownload
07/04/19Jerry ClarkeSunday eveningDownload
07/04/19Gordon HigginsHow great is our GodDownload
17/03/19Matthew SteedBeing set freeDownload
10/03/19Keith GreenerJoyDownload
03/03/19Richard HiggsFearDownload
24/02/19Mike PartingSunday eveningDownload
17/02/19John MoffatTruth and lies 3Download
16/02/19Sam PembertonTruth and lies 2Download
15/02/19Dan TowersTruth and lies 1Download
10/02/19Ben KenningtonSunday eveningDownload
10/02/19Dave MedlockJerusalem aboveDownload
27/01/19Les WheeldonSunday eveningDownload
27/01/19Les WheeldonSell all and follow meDownload
20/01/19Mike CrossThe cross of Christ part 2Download
20/01/19Mike CrossThe cross of Christ part 1Download
13/01/19Steve HemingThe Trinity part 2Download
13/01/19Steve HemingThe Trinity part 1Download
06/01/19Pete CowlingPerservering in prayerDownload


Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Download
25/12/18Matt ChapmanI know the plans I have for youDownload
23/12/18Fineke JanssenThe birth that changed everythingDownload
16/12/18Matthew SteedClose, closer, closestDownload
16/12/18Derek PembertonJudahDownload
09/12/18Marcus GreenlawResurrectionDownload
09/12/18Pete CowlingDayspringDownload
02/12/18Mike Cross,Paul MoorcroftEvening meetingDownload
02/12/18Matthew SteedCome backDownload
25/11/18Larry HillThe Psalms of Ascending: UnionDownload
25/11/18Larry HillThe Psalms of Ascending: RevelationDownload
24/11/18Larry HillThe Psalms of Ascending: PurificationDownload
18/11/18VariousTreasure hidden in a fieldDownload
11/11/18Matthew SteedEntering the holy placeDownload
04/10/18Richard HiggsThe ministry of the Holy SpiritDownload
28/10/18Robert Wurtz IIThe fire of GodDownload
28/10/18Derek PembertonTruth and liesDownload
14/10/18Matt SteedServing GodDownload
07/09/18Dick HusseySunday eveningDownload
07/09/18Dick HusseySunday morningDownload
23/09/18Jerry ClarkeGrace and truthDownload
19/08/18Matthew SteedLead me to the rock that is higher than IDownload
12/08/18Mike PartingRunning the raceDownload
15/07/18Ron BaileyEvening meetingDownload
15/07/18Ron BaileyBeing a discipleDownload
08/07/18Jerry ClarkeHealingDownload
01/07/18Dave MedlockA table in the wildernessDownload
24/06/18Les WheeldonMatthew 14Download
24/06/18Les WheeldonMatthew 15Download
17/06/18Keith GreenerBe filled with the SpiritDownload
10/06/18Andrew GreenerPrepare the way of the LordDownload
03/06/18Pete CowlingDanielDownload
27/05/18Mike PartingTake my yoke upon youDownload
20/05/18Gary SimsFish, friendship and fellowshipDownload
13/05/18David MedlockRaising our expectationsDownload
13/05/18Matthew SteedSearch me and know meDownload
29/04/18Ken SwanThe image of GodDownload
22/04/18Mike PartingThe ministry of the Holy SpiritDownload
15/04/18Andrew GreenerThe role of women in the churchDownload
08/04/18Phil SmithThe servant of the Lord in Isaiah - second poemDownload
08/04/18Phil SmithThe servant of the Lord in Isaiah - first poemDownload
25/03/18Steve HemmingHoliness part 2Download
18/03/18Lee op den BrouwRenewing your mindDownload
04/03/18Ben KenningtonConscienceDownload
18/02/18Derek PembertonNoah and the floodDownload
11/02/18John MoffatA sacrificial lifeDownload
10/02/18Sam PembertonA spirit filled lifeDownload
09/02/18Pete CowlingA surrendered lifeDownload
05/02/18Steve HemmingHolinessDownload
28/01/18Matthew SteedJohn the BaptistDownload
21/01/18Mike PartingTake up your cross and follow meDownload
14/01/18Keith GreenerA house of prayer for all nationsDownload
14/01/18Sylvia DaviesProphecy and children's workDownload